M.R. Jean Desjoyaux, a French engineer, formerly into construction business, He built the very first pool this year for his family. He designed every process from structure, water filtration, decoration and water treatment system, by putting his hands on the work made he discover problems that are soon to be solved.


The creation of Piscines Desjoyaux S.A. to develop the new system of swimming pools that is aimed to unlock the same old problems. M.R. Jean Desjoyaux put all his efforts to create the future innovation of swimming pools.


Piscines Desjoyaux S.A. has built hundred of swimming pools using concrete, porcelain, sand filter, Diatomite Cartridge Filtration or Electro-Physical with or without over-flowing water system. However, the hardest part is processing time and how to prevent concrete from being cracked.

The next step forward is to invent new techniques of forming swimming pools' structure.


After experimenting various kinds of materials. He was able to discover a structure called "Desco Casting". It provides seamless casting and at-once concrete filling, reducing time processing and crack of concrete. Patenting Bureau Veristas certification and 10 year warranty with the new firmly and durable structure.

Time processing and durability have been solved, one step forward to be develop was the water filtration system.


When time has passed and old system of water filtration which you bury pipes into the wall and ground started to leak and you couldn't find the hole to fix it. Finally M.R. Jean Desjoyaux has found an easy way out which is the "Pipe-free" Filtration.

Ever since, Desjoyaux has written the new process of building swimming pools on the history.


The first pool builder company to be listing on the Stock Market of the Paris Stock Exchange.

From a little joy in the family, Desjoyaux pools has now expanded to over500 branches in 80 countries all over the world.


Under the wings of Pierre Catherine and Jean Louis (the 2nd), Desjoyaux has become the leader of pools builder. Over 150,000 pools are built is 2006 which means "there is one more Desjoyaux pool in every 30 second".

Every steps moving forward was from intensively reserching and studying the heart of the problems.


In addition to Desjoyaux (Thailand) situated in Bangkok, we launched 4 new showrooms in different parts of Thailand to fulfill our potential customers' needs and to spread our quality services and support to the existing customers.

The showrooms include Phuket, Chiang Mai, Had Yai and Samui.


In 2005, after a successful year in building private and public swimming pools, we launched a showroom in Krabi to serve customers in the property market, hotels & resorts.


(2007). As the demand for quality and reliable services kept growing, we the opened a showroom in Hua Hin, known as the famous beach resort town in Thailand.


By 2008, the swimming pool business along with the market and rapidly increased, especially in the countryside. We thought it was only wise to open 4 more branches in Khon Kaen, Rayong, Udonthani and Ubon Ratchathani provinces.


Arrived 2010. Desjoyaux has currently opened 3 new showrooms located in Surathani, Lanta Island (Krabi brach) and one in the Paradise Park in Bangkok.

By 2014 Desjoyaux plans to launch 40 showrooms around Thailand. We will continue to serve our customers with the best of our ability, providing the finest quality along with our first class service. We will make your dream come true.